My wife the cook

My wife is a seriously good cook. Its a bit of a problem.

1. I eat too much good food, and get overweight
2. Often when I go to a restaurant its dissapointing. I pay $$ for food which is not as good as Melindas.

There are some things I can cook better than her
Steak, Pizza, Coffee, cold beer

Okay the last one does not count.
But I choose the brand, put it in the fridge, grab it out when its ice cold and put it in the stubby.

If ever you get the chance to eat Melinda’s pumpkin soup, don’t say no. There is no better pumpkin soup in the world. I know it sounds arrogant, but its not, its just the truth. That and that fried chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and dribbled with tangy orange and cranberry sause. Seriously, I lick the fry pan afterwards.

I am a blessed man, in so many ways. Don’t know what I did to deserve her, but there you go.

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