Not as straight forward as all that

Someone I know well, recieved some fresh water from someone at their staff party.
What I mean is that someone, instead of forking out $10 for a pressie for this person, they payed for some fresh water at a village on this persons behalf.

I know some friends who asked people to do this at their wedding. Thats nice. Instead of buying them junk they dont need, or even stuff they might use, help someone less fortunate on their behalf. I like that. They have asked you to do it.

However in this case, there is something different. This person did not ask for the fresh water to be given to the villager. The act of generosity was foisted on them. Now this person is happy about it, and is a very generous person, and does not need another trinket, or bottle of wine.
But I cant help escape the uneasy feeling I have about this.
The idea of the staff party was to give a present to the person, which this person did. They researched it, and bought them something they would like.

I cant help but feel that while it is okay, in fact great, to make these choices for ourselves, there is something, just weird, about doing it for someone else, without them having asked you to. Its almost arrogant. I dont know, maybe I am thinking about it too much. Seeing George Constanza latch onto the idea and use it for his own ends was another story altogether.

Having said all that, I think Tear are fantastic, and do a great job, and I have supported them financially and in other ways myself, and will continue to do so.

2 thoughts on “Not as straight forward as all that”

  1. i wouldn’t view it as forcing generosity on someone else, rather, i would say i am chosing not to buy you a gift, instead i am going to spend that money on someone who needs it more, i will however give you a card to for christmas which represents that i do care about you and want you to know i am thinking of you.

    I know there is absolutely nothing i need this christmas, i will enjoy the gifts i get, but its more knowing i have been thought of than receiving a particular thing that makes christmas special for me.

  2. You’d have to chose the right person if you were going to just buy a tear gift without consulting them.

    I could quite easily do it for my mother and know she would appreciate it.

    However I don’t think it would work to well for the person I drew in our Secret Santa at work. I don’t think they’d get what it’s all about.

    in some cases i say its a great idea.

    in others it probably wouldn’t work to well.

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