The Nativity Movie

Appearing at a cinema near you.
Initial reports state it is well made and historically accurate.
I have downloaded 8 scenes from the movie, which the distributor had made available to Pastors for use in churches. Just in time for Christmas Services!!

Interesting that the film, while heavily advertised, has not had much of an impact at the box office. The Passion may have paved the way for such films to be financially succesful, but the film itself must engage the market. No controversy, no ticket sales??

Phil Cooke has put his spin on it, and there is an interesting discussion going on. He seems to be pruporting that we should go and see it to support Christian filmakers. I dont agree with that. This is a secular market, and a film needs to do something special to earn my $8-$12. I dont agree Christians should support it just because its a Christian movie.

6 thoughts on “The Nativity Movie”

  1. I’ve heard the argument before that Christians should pay to go see this and other ‘Christian’ movies so that more of these movies are made. Sounds a little odd to me.

    If the general movie going public isn’t going to see such movies then they are only serving as entertainment for Christians. Why would we want to see millions more dollars put into making entertainment for ourselves when we should be actively sharing God’s love with those who don’t yet know Jesus?

    I did enjoy The Nativity Story and I’d recommend people go and see it but not to prop up the Christian movie industry.

  2. Of course, a more cynical person would say Holiwood is just riding the Christian bandwagon to fleece it. But I’m sure ‘Fox Faith’ has higher aspirations than that.

    Yeah, right.

    Christians can be such a bunch of suckers.

  3. I think you might have misunderstood my comments. I’m not for “propping up” any Christian movie industry. In fact, most of my career has been spent trying to get us out of the “Christian” ghetto. But it can be frustrating to hear Christians complain that Hollywood isn’t making movies that people of faith can enjoy, but when they do, Christians don’t support it. Believe me, Hollywood understands one thing – box office. If the millions of believers in this country would vote with their box office dollars as they did with “Passion of the Christ,” it would get Hollywood’s attention. If we’re going to impact the entertainment industry for Christ, we need to support the studios and producers who respect us. But whether you agree with me or not, I’m grateful that you’re having the conversation. The latest study released this week indicates that the average family uses the media 10 hours a day. If we as Christians don’t learn the power of the media, we’ll never reach this generation. Please keep it up!

  4. No Controversy No Ticket sales?

    not sure if that’s the case… maybe it’s the fact i haven’t seen this marketed at all! And when looking it shows 1 session a day at my local cinema at 10am (i’m not able to make that one eh).

    I think the ‘Mel’ factor probably pushed Passion into the big time. Maybe we needed to get Rus Crowe to play Joseph???

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