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Do you reckon that God waits for us to take a step of faith before He blesses us?
After a great prayer and discussion time this morning with some close friends, we believe that God may very well wait for us to obey, move, take a step of faith, before He showers the full extent of His blessing on our ministry, and maybe even on our lives.
I am not talking about the prosperity doctrine, or self seeking religion. Nor am I saying that unless you have faith, you wont be healed.

But I do believe that God wants us to obey Him, and may very well withold blessings from our lives until we step out in faith. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Please respond”

  1. Ya, sounds right.

    I’d go further, God isn’t always the only player.

    So He quietly and courteously waits for us to turn our attention back to Him.

    Maybe we are all the better off for being blessed then. God’s good timing. Cool, eh?

  2. I’d say you’re spot on. Throughout Scripture we see people who had to step out before they saw the fruit of faith – summed up in Hebrews 11, I think! This is something I’ve recently been confronted with, also.

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