Emerging church gets a serve


I just posted the link, don’t blame me for the content, and dont read it if you are easily offended.

Be aware too that the Aussie Emergents appear to me to be quite different to the US brethren in many ways.
Be aware also that I reckon there are a stack of lazy pastors who are not emergent.

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  1. Just read some of your recent blurbs including a post on another site and this post. I’m interested to know why you wanted to post this? Is it just to payback or something? Is it defensive? As I have viewed your public site there seems to be quite a few putdowns of other people except a football team?
    Why do you think people are leaving the church?

  2. As I said its not my opinion, but I find frank opinions interesting, and have posted it so people have something to interact with. I agree with a lot of what Perry has said, but… in reference to many of the Aussie emergents, I have nothing but respect for their passion and authenticity, even if I dont necesarily agree with their methods and philosophy.

    If your reference is to Hamos site,
    I would consider Andrew a mate, and have met and discussed all matters with him. I dont think he has a problem with anything I have written, and when he has, he has contacted me personally. He often does not agree with me, but thats part of journeying together.
    A lot of what I comment on is tongue in cheek.

    If you want a real conversation, dont hide behind anonymity, I dont.

    I think people leave churches for many reasons, and I think they always have, I am more concerned with how and why people will join the church.

  3. That answer was more like a politician than anything else. I’m a real person whether anonymous or not, and just like you treat others such as Ben Cousins or Bill Gates, they are real people in search of real answers and real love. If you can sit behind a pulpit or computer and write great theology on one post yet put down a person on another post, then I ask the same question, but in your language; why do people join the church?

  4. I believe people join a church because they find love, acceptance and purpose there.
    I believe people leave churches for many reasons.
    In brief…
    1. They have issues they need to deal with, but dont
    2. The Pastor or other leaders have issues they need to deal with
    or a combination of the two.
    No one is perfect this side of heaven, I am not, nor is my church.

    My jibes at Cousins are well deserved, by him, yet are meant in jest. If either him or Gates want to take it up with me, they can.
    My comment in regard to your anonymity is this – I don’t take much notice of anonymous comments.
    If you cant put your name to a statement, dont say it.

  5. I’m sorry but nothing written on your blog is jest when you put another person down, no matter what he’s done. You represent Jesus as do I. I believe Ben Cousin’s is loved by God just as much as me or you and just as God found me so He could Ben Cousins. If I didn’t know Jesus and I read that a representative of the body of Christ putting down someone like me, then why would I want to be a part of a community of believers who follow Jesus?
    I am neither pro emergent or pro institutional church not even pro West Coast or Ben Cousins :), I am pro Christ and believe in His mission here on this earth. What I have learned over my time in following Jesus and being involved in his mission is that Love comes first. My prayer for you is that you will show that love to all that come your way and that the love that shines through you will lead others to love in the same way.
    ps If you don’t want anonymous people to comment on your blog then change your settings or delete the post. I’m done here.

  6. I dont mind anonymous posting.

    But a Christian should know better than criticise another one,

    in a public forum, anonymously.

    Blessings, and I will continue to poke fun at Ben Cousins and The weagles, they deserve it well and truly 🙂

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