There is a good reason why God says He hates divorce.
Not because He hates the people who go through it, but in fact the opposite is true. He loves them and wants the best for them.
I cannot see much difference between those who are Christian and those who are not in regard to divorce. Speaking purely from an ancedotal perspective, I have had as many friends who are not Christians divorce, as I have Christian friends.

Some of the non Church goers are much nicer to each other in the process as well. Maybe its because there is less guilt involved, and it is easier to rationalise it.

One illustration I always give couples about to marry is the fire in the room one. Pretty simple, but some truth in it.

If you have two people in a room and a fire starts, what will they do? Run out of the doors.
What would they do if there where no doors? Work like crazy together to put the fire out.

In many marriages conflict, misunderstanding and miscommunication are the fires. We have to work hard together to put them out. Even if people do work like crazy, sometimes they still do bust up. I have also seen situations where circumstances are so bad, and so much wrong has been committed, yet the couple work through it, and stay together and even find a way to prosper.

I thank God for my marriage every day. Its not perfect, but you know that already. But we have stuck together and grown together for over 14 years now. Thats amazing. We are both so so different in how we look, react, behave, in fact we are so different people.
Yet we have both been committed to each other, even when it was difficult.

If you are going through a divorce, God help you, and God forgive any Christians who criticise you unduly, attack you or dont help. My prayer is that I will be able to help people through this process, because I have never seen one yet that has not had horrible pain occur to both parties. It is not something I reckon ever leaves you. You have been as intimate with a person as you can be, and now, in many cases, you are not even their friend.

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