Contradictions we find

Recently a popular and well written Christian magazine, Charisma, published an article on article about a pastor called Clarence McClendon. Apparently the good pastor , “announced from the pulpit that he had uncovered a “new revelation” in the Bible. His discovery: That a church leader can have more than one wife’. The writer of the article went on and stated, “Hopefully, you and everyone in the building would run, not walk, out of that church and never come back until the pastor had been replaced. But I am afraid too many of us gullible charismatics might stay in the pews—and eventually give the guy a standing ovation plus a $10,000 love offering”.

Well yes, hopefully we would run out. Have a look at the picture I have included. Isn’t it amazing how holy and worshipful this guy looks? I dont say this to be judgemental. In fact Clarence may well have started out as a humble honest preacher, looking to do the right thing. Somewhere along the line though things got messed up. Maybe the enemy got to him, maybe his own addictions got to him, maybe he got lazy. I remember a story in the bible about a wonderful leader and king who did something pretty stupid and comparable to Clarence.

This story reminds me, there go I, but by the grace of God. Lord, keep me humble, keep me faithful, keep me in love with you.

2 thoughts on “Contradictions we find”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I have been reading your blog spot for a few weeks now. Over the years I have been a Charismatic Pentacostal type Christian and could write a book on some of the things that have been said by Pastors, visiting speakers, etc.
    In this situation,I think I would have run out of the building! I praise God that I am now in a mainline Church!

  2. I appreciate your comments Joan,
    over the years I have been mostly in conservative churches, but have also found myself hearing things which I don’t think Jesus would have said. Things which deny the power of God. Its all about blance isn’t it.

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