While getting ready for Sunday, I have been editing a clip from “Pay it forward”, a movie with Kevin Spacey and the “I see dead people” kid.

In one classroom scene, the scene I am playing in church, the teacher (Kevin) warns his kids about atrophy.

Atrophy is a medical term
“Decrease from previous normal size of the body or a part, cell, organ, or tissue. An organ or body part’s cells may be reduced in number, size or both. Atrophy of some cells and organs is normal at certain points in the life cycle. Other causes include malnutrition, disease, disuse, injury, and hormone over- or underproduction.”

Basically your body withers away through a lack of desire or ability to grow.
Sounds like a condition which could befall either us as Christians, or our church.
Without a deep desire to grow ourselves, and for our church to grow, we would descend into atrophy.

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