No saints down at St Kilda

Except for maybe St Nick, and he has gone down with a hamstring.
Gerhig has been accused of bashing someone at a motel in Melbourne, along with serial pest, Steven Lawrence. Story

And the Saints have six other injured players, Matt Maguire, Fergus Watts, Raphael Clarke, Aaron Hamill, Max Hudghton and Lenny Hayes.
Looks like that bet is pretty safe!

One thought on “No saints down at St Kilda”

  1. seems like every club has its bad boys…
    Freo has Farmer(assault), Saints have Gherig(assault), Eagles have Kerr(assault enquiry) & Cousins(too many to list), Cats have S Johnson(public drunkenesss)….

    the whole role model thing is a difficult path for these boys to navigate. Alot of them say they hate being looked upto, due to the fact that they want to live a life that isn’t all that ideal in the eyes of parents….

    But perhaps they should chose a different profession if they don’t want to be in the spotlight….

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