My membership pack to the Mighty Freo Dockers arrived today.
For about $200 I get entry to all the games, a quarterly magazine, a few stickers and other promotional items, a lanyard etc etc.
A few years back, there was a solid 22,000 members. We came week in, week out, and put up with some pretty ordinary football, along with some incredible highs. Seeing CLIVE sprint away from Slapovich in the 2001 Derby to kick seven 2nd half goals and win the game by one point, was something I will never forget.

Now…. there are 36, 000 members, membership is up by 4.5% over the record year last year. Home attendance is up 3.8%, after the record year before as well.

Its an interesting contrast to compare Freo Membership with church membership.

Reality is, I join the Dockers to be part of it. Yes, you get reduced seat prices, and you get seats. Getting seats is becoming increasingly difficult. But I signed up before that issue. I signed up to belong, to be loyal, because I really support the team. (take note weagles fans).

Church is the same, although more so. Membership to a local community of faith is something I take seriously. I am accountable, I am in relationship with people. The verse, “bear with one another” is one I need to take seriously.

Because its only as we choose to journey with people on our path, that we learn to grow up.

Its the easiest thing in the world to be a bandwagon hopping Christian. You never have to get close, you never have to be vulnerable. Its a lot harder to deal with conflict, stick it out, and be determined to care for each other, despite disagreements. Its also a lot harder to put aside your own agendas, as well as embrace a common vision.

That takes guts, determination and integrity, a bit like supporting Freo!

2 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Most “loyal fans” of the church give more to their church in two weeks than your annual Dockers membership cost. What would you give them in a “membership pack” if you had one?

  2. Funnily enough we do have a pack which we give out to new folk.

    It has some brochures about different things the church does, some colouring pencils and stuff for the kids and a couple of lollies (!!)

    My wish list to put in it would be a cd of the origincal music our church does along with a multi media introduction to the church, its values, beliefs, purposes and strategies.

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