Another great Sunday

There is something going on at Church at the moment, another really good crowd in, some more visitors, some people connecting into small groups, a number of non church people coming to church and experiencing something good.
Its a good place to be.

I enjoyed speaking this morning, and enjoyed the response. God has been challenging me about a whole heap of things, all about being unmasked.

I finished with an illustration about the woman who poured perfume over Jesus. She was a prostitute, and most likely paid for the expensive perfume from the proceeds of her job.

The pharisee commented, “If he was a prophet, he would know what type of woman this was, and who was touching him”.

Point is He did know. Point is she worshipped Him, and anointed Him, something the Pharisee should have done. Jesus accepted worship from a prostitute, and accepted with gratitude the perfume, which was ill gotten.

What a beautiful picture of grace, what a picture that Jesus wants to use us, no matter what we have done, and continue to do.

Consider this,
• Moses murdered a man.
• Abraham was a liar.
• Jacob was a cheater.
• Rahab was prostitute.
• David committed adultery and conspiracy to murder.
• Paul the apostle murdered Christians.

He can use us all, thanks to God for His grace

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