Top Gear – Bugatti Veyron Speed Test

Here is the car Phil Baker has fallen in love with, not hard to see why!!

3 thoughts on “Top Gear – Bugatti Veyron Speed Test”

  1. yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I made this car my workstation desktop pic this morning.

    I knew it was good, but didn’t totally comprehend the amazing thing that is the Veyron until I saw Topgear last monday.

    W16 (2 V8’s joined together) with 4 Turbo chargers!!! Matey matey woohooo yeah and all that stuff!!!!!!!!!

    0-100mph in 2.3 sec!!!!!!

    How amazing is God that he’s created people who can make a machine do such amazing things….

    …yet God’s creation is even more impressive!


  2. but how amazing is God creation………………………………..
    when its going past you at 407 kilometres per hour 🙂

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