God lets go, and out of love, lets us mess up

“Imagine God in Heaven surrounded by the choirs of adoring angels singing hosannas unendingly… “If I create a perfect world, I know how it will turn out. In its absolute perfection, it will revolve like a perfect machine, never deviating from My absolute will.” Since God’s imagination is perfect, there is no need for Him to create such a universe: it is enough for Him to imagine it to see it in all its details. Such a universe would not be very interesting to man or God, so we can assume that God continued His meditations. “But what if I create a universe that is free, free even of me? What if I veil My Divinity so that the creatures are free to pursue their individual lives without being overwhelmed by My overpowering Presence? Will the creature love Me? Can I be loved by creatures whom I have not programmed to adore me forever? Can love arise out of freedom? My angels love me unceasingly, but they can see Me at all times. What if I create beings in My own image as a Creator, beings who are free? But if I introduce freedom into this universe, I take the risk of introducing Evil into it as well, for if they are free, they are free to deviate from My will. Hmmm. But what if I continue to interact with this dynamic universe, what if I and the creatures become the creators together of a great cosmic play? What if out of every occasion of evil, I respond with an unimaginable good, a good that overwhelms evil by springing out of the very attempts of evil to deny the Good? Will these new creatures of freedom then love Me, will they join with Me in creating Good out of Evil, novelty out of freedom? What if I join with them in the world of limitation and form, the world of suffering and evil? Ahh. In a truly free universe, even if I do not know how it will turn out. Do even I dare to take that risk for love?”” – William Irwin Thompson.

2 thoughts on “God lets go, and out of love, lets us mess up”

  1. Hmmm, interesting reflections. Not sure about the ‘even if I do not know how it will turn out’ line though. I think God did know, which is the wonder of it – he did it anyway. And, even greater wonder, he planned for it to finish better than it started, even with all that mess in the midst.

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