Business plan done…..

The last week I have been heavily involved in putting together our church’s business plan for the next 3 years. We have had to do this for financial reasons, as we seek some funding for our relocation.

Its a pretty steep learning curve, but remarkably straightfoward if you have some guideance. Its also a faith thing. Determining where you want to be, with Gods help. Planning and believing your church is going to grow.
God wants His Church to grow, but plenty of them are not. Why?
Irrelevance, pride, stubborness, old paridigms, apathy.
Belief that if God wants the church to grow, He will bring the people, and all we need to be is faithful.

I think faithful is the most overused word in dying churches, faithful, yes faithful to the bitter end

I am so excited with our church at the moment, amazing possibilities, a great group of people whom I really care about. Together we can actually get the Bedford Bus onto the road. This is truly the beginning of an amazing ride.

If you are a pastor, and want to have a look at our business plan, send me an email.

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