Aussie males are a pretty comfortable lot. Pretty secure and happy, generally speaking.
Many of us have the time to think, formulate our own views, and have been encouraged to do so. How different we appear to the males growing up in Australian in the 1930’s.
I wonder how we would go today if someone did actually attack Australia, and it become obvious that the general population of men had to go to way to defend our country. Forget wars in far off oil rich countries, what would we do if we had to defend our country?

Would we have the toughness, the agression, the willingness, the risk taking ability to take up arms and defend our land?

(This post was inspired in part by something Saint Gaz had on his site. )

One thought on “Conscription”

  1. I’m currently re-reading a novel series I read as a teenager.

    By John Marsden the ‘Tomorrow When the War Began” series follows a group of teenagers who go bush for a week of camping and come back to find the whole country has been invaded. Their loved ones and the entire country town they live in has been captured and held in the local Showgrounds.

    It’s a long series, well written and quite believable (even in intensly quick invasion!!). The story of Ellie and her friends as they try and survive in the bush, plus do something to make it feel they have an effect on the war is pretty compelling. And they do achieve a lot (especially for a group of teens)…

    i think it’s a good story on exactly how people react to these types of situations. What gets me though is these are tough country teens… would the coffee drinking teens of the city be able to pull the same thing off?

    who knows??

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