Jakovich speaks sense, Woosha….not so much

This from the Herald Sun makes a lot of sense,

“Jakovich, a player recognised for his self discipline and professionalism, acknowledged there was a culture and discipline problem at the club. “Where the club gets a lot of criticism is they’ve let a few (indiscretions) slip in the past couple of years and it’s come back to bite them,” he said. “There’s a lot of people now saying there is a discipline or cultural problem in the footy club. “(And from the outside) you perceive that there is. “They (players) need to understand their responsibility. How many times do you keep having these incidents and so-called meetings and counselling sessions? “It has to come to a certain point.”

Now I has booed Glen more times than……well a lot anyhow, especially when he decided to slap Longmuir, and earned the moniker “Slapovich”.

But here, what he says is exactly right. Contrast his comments with the doublespeak of Worsfold, “Worsfold yesterday ruled out West Coast enforcing an alcohol ban on its players. “I know a lot of our players don’t drink at all, so there is no use putting an alcohol ban on them,” the coach said. “

So, because some of WC players are responsible, or tea totallers, we should not ban those, like Kerr, who cant handle it. How does this make sense John?????

This final comment from Glen sums up the culture at WC for me,
“Asked would the player be at the club if it wasn’t Kerr, Jakovich said on SEN radio: “No, he wouldn’t.”

2 thoughts on “Jakovich speaks sense, Woosha….not so much”

  1. this is why i respect the decision to kick Steve Johnson out of the Geelong squad over Xmas. He was done for the same thing as Cousins, public drunkeness, and the team decided he could not even train with the squad till at least round 6.

    Johnson averaged over 2 goals a game last year, which is pretty decent for an injury prone forward pocket, especially in a side who struggles to score, but they decided that the culture was a bigger problem long term than the performance.

    Eagles on the other hand….all the fans just say ‘well we won the premiership so who cares?’ the little kids who idolize Kerr and Cousins care i reckon….so assult, drunkness, destroying property, these things are all ok as long as you are talented….

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