I’m with Jeff

In todays West Jeff Kennet has said that Perth is devoid of life, needs more access to the River, and does not have a lot of culture or key events.

What has he said that is incorrect?
We should use our river more. Southbank and even what they have done in Brisbane should point the way for us. Our river is beautiful, we now have the Air races there, lets do something with it, build some restaurants, tourist precincts to go with the bell tower.
Lets attract some more events…..

Yes Jeff…

2 thoughts on “I’m with Jeff”

  1. Doesn’t help that we let the Telstra Rally Australia go and got the world frisbee championships instead! But I’m all for more (public access) waterfront development as long as it leaves plenty of open space, especially on the south shore.

  2. The one thing that’s brought new life to the Brisbane River is the City Cat Ferry system.

    sure it’s a great form of public transport, but because they’ve used these funky new ‘cats’ there is a novelty, and ‘touristy’ feel to riding a City Cat down the river.

    It gives a great and unique view of the city.

    And last week it was voted in the top 3 most romantic ideas/places in Brisbane… believe me a night cruise down through the city on a Cat is a schmoopy schmoopy place to be.


    Maybe Perth could develope that a bit more, instead of just gaining access to your River, create a means to actually get out ON the river.

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