Sick sick sick

Never been this sick before.
Had to go to RPH for two nights.
Staff are wonderful, food is not great, but you can’t really expect much.

Because of my contagious state, I was given an “orange” status, which meant I had my own room, with own ensuite.
I wonder if being forced to lie down for 24-36 hours did me the most good.

It sure is good to be home though, and hug my beautiful wife and family. Boy, I missed them.
Its not like going to a conference or away for a week for some legitimate reason, being apart because you are in RPH is awful.

Feeling better, but still sore in the lower stomach.

4 thoughts on “Sick sick sick”

  1. Not good.

    What are the doctors saying about a full recovery? When do they think you’ll be back to 100%?

    Make sure you take it easy and give yourself time to get well again.

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