Cousins Sacked

It seems West Coast have had enough of their ex captains misbehaviour, and in a similar manner to Michael Gardiner, Ben has been suspended indefinetely from the club.

I am glad. If someone has serious issues, they need to be confronted and dealt with. If he is not told by those who really care about him that his behaviour is unacceptable, it will become self destructive.
The last thing anyone wants is to see Ben hurt himself, or someone he loves.

Rumours abound, but what is very likely is that Ben has serious issues with drugs. Watch to see if the results of the drug tests he took yesterday reveal that the issue is far greater than just missing a training session.

I hope such a champion and skilled player gets the help he needs.
If I was a parent of a WC supporting child I would tell them that he had been very naughty and done some silly things, and so the club could no longer play him. Lets hope some positives come out of this.

2 thoughts on “Cousins Sacked”

  1. Yeah I hope something good comes out of this. Hopefully with some space, time and support from those around him, he will get things sorted out.

  2. can’t believe i beat you to a developing WA AFL story :-p

    you’re slipping mate…

    Yes it’s sad, but Cousin’s in no more special than you or i.

    i guess he struggles just like we struggle, and it’s a shame he’s in the public eye – i mean people struggle with these issues everyday, and the only reason he’s being publically disgraced is because of his talent as a football player….

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