I do not want to be a critic

But Jimmy Swaggart makes me ill.

Watching his “show” on Acess 31 made me really mad.

After some convuluted worship, and some pretty lame teaching, we where told what was really important, for the next half of the show.
Buying Swaggarts overpriced Bible.
Its a study Bible put together by him and presumably his team.

There is nothing wrong with selling Bibles. But dont charge exhorbitant prices for them, and dont pretend you are holy, when all you really want to do is make money.

6 thoughts on “I do not want to be a critic”

  1. Sounds like the same thing I saw a few months back.

    He went on and on about how some generous people had donated money so that these ‘special’ Bibles would be affordable for everyone and that you could buy as many as you wanted.

    As I remember they then mentioned the price which was about $170. What made me sad was knowing that many people would be duped into buying them.

    I wonder if the story of Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple is in his version of the Bible.

  2. Yes, $170 for a bible….obscene

    You know what I love about some churches nowaways? People like
    http://www.lifechurch.tv who basically give away all their resources.
    They sent me a free book, a good one too. This is kingdom minded.

    Swaggart is interested in the kingdom, the kingdom of Jim.

  3. Yes selling resources isn’t always bad – but even in selling them most places have a mind-set of actually helping you.

    in this case i don’t think there is really any care about you, just jim…

    (haha actually that was a typo i meant to type ‘him’ but jim will do :-P)

  4. Does criticising other people make you feel better?

    Buddhist teaching suggests that you should only be self-critical. Consider other people as perfect, but continually try to improve yourself. The teaching suggests that rather than making critical comments, you should take great care of the words that come from your mouth.

    Now, I’m not a Buddhist or a Christian, but I look at blogs like yours and blogs by people of other beliefs/faiths/creeds/etc and make comparisons.

    So far, I see why Christianity is fading in Australia and Buddhism is growing.

    I see the sloppier standards of Christianity and it makes it easier to decide.

    I thankyou for your commentary – it provides valuable input when I come to decide which, if any, “system” I should investigate more closely.

  5. No, it does not make me feel better, and I have criticising, especially other Christians.
    But there does come a point when what someone does in the name of your saviour distresses you enough that you need to say something.

    I hope and pray your spiritual journey brings you peace and joy. And rememeber, we are all human, buddhists, Christians, Moslems….

    What is at the heart of Christianity?

  6. Hi Mark,
    Interesting comment about the expensive Bible. One of my non-Christian friends commented on the expensive Bible he was selling recently. They said it sounded like you have to buy his Bible to be blessed and find salvation. Like it was supierior to other versions.

    I think the whole giving money to TV evangelists and selling products at the end of the show is a turn off to many non-Christian people watching the shows.

    As far as having an expensive Bible goes, I am happy with my $19.95 version from Koorong 🙂

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