You can laugh about anything, at the right time

My brother in law Carlo reckons you can laugh at just about anything, in the right context.
So based on that, and with fear and trepidation, I post this picture.

The very funny, but also naughty Chaser boys ambushed the Weagles at Sydney when they arrived for their game against the Swans. As you can see, a giant Eagle mascot greeted them, along with a fake drug dealer. The Eagle mascot had white powder on his bill.

Kerr thinks its funny anyway. Good on him for not getting mad, like Judd at his press conference. Judd stormed out after one too many questions on Cousins and Worsfolds commments that up to eight players on the Eagles squad are suspected of being on illicit drugs. Can’t really blame Judd, he is there to play football. Let the coach and others answer those questions. Judd must be getting sick of it all, and it may weigh on his mind when he is deciding on whether to re-sign with the WC Eagles.

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