Thanks to the three people who have basically suggested I pull my head in in regards to the EC over the last week, and then tonight, the Selwood issue. All three had good points.
I have had over 100 unique hits today, so this blog is public, and I appreciate fair calls.
Therefore I have pulled a couple of posts.

Which is not to say that I am being compliant, if you knew me, you would know I have struggled with that in the past, but am pretty blunt and straight most times.

For the record in my view…..

In regard to Des and Selwood. Des was reckless in reacting the way he did, and is incredibly fortunate to get off a six week suspension, incredibly fortunate.
I am not convinced Selwood did not say what he was accused of but we will never know, and likely is that there was truth and misunderstanding on both parts. Either way its unfortunate that a players daughter was drawn into it.

Josh Carr is a niggly annoying player, and admitted he had struck Stenglein, but even West Coast Radio (6pr) are saying Chick did not tell the truth
There is a serious problem with the culture at WC, and it annoys me that the media here in the West give them a free ride.

Please feel free to express your own opinion here.

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