Wayne Alcorn Monday

Wayne shared his story on Monday morning. He talked about his dad, his ministry, starting off in a small church in inner city Brisbane. Having the church burn down, struggling.
He shared how they went for “the people know one else wanted”. The down and outs, the prostitutes, cross dressers. It was so refreshing to hear his heart and to hear what the church is doing.

At night he shared some principles which were really really challenging. He talked about how we need to believe that God wants to bless our church and ministry. Sounds simple, but its not. It goes to the heart of how we think about God, what we think of His character, how we think He thinks of us.
He talked about how we need resources to change our cities and become conduits of blessings, and talked about the incredible social programs his church runs. Very inspiring, confronting and challenging. I am really glad I am here.

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