Church for the well behaved

Seth Godin is brilliant….this post made me think
More perfect
Most people in the US can’t cook. So you would think that reaching out to the masses with entry-level cooking instruction would be a smart business move.

In fact, as the Food Network and cookbook publishers have demonstrated over and over again, you’re way better off helping the perfect improve. You’ll also sell a lot more management consulting to well run companies, high end stereos to people with good stereos and yes, church services to the already well behaved.”

woh Seth! Slow down a bit…..
Churches for the well behaved might be ‘succesful’ in that they get bigger. But they are not succesful if you consider that the Church actually exists to bring people to Christ, to see their lives transformed……

Its a lot harder, but we are not succesful if we grow a big church, we are succesful if we see people who never used to follow Christ, start to follow him.

2 thoughts on “Church for the well behaved”

  1. yes very true mark.

    how many people register success on size.

    also i think that idea of a ‘well behaved’ church would be more a church which poaches from churches in it’s local area (Christians deciding they like the scene better at this other church) than bringing in un-believers.

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