Three messages

I have finally caught up on uploading the messages from the past three weeks.

This first one was pretty much ‘off the cuff’ after my laptop died on the Sunday morning as I went to print it off. I had some notes, but it was an interesting experience. I talk about what makes us happy and reference what is going on in Ben Cousins’ life.
It is the first sermon in 15+ years of preaching that I have not used a full manuscript.

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This second one was at the dedication service of one of the babies in our church called Rebekah. It is a interesting story, and I think people really enjoyed it, and were hopefully challenged. There were a lot of visitors and guests at the service.

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This final one is the message Quentin gave on Sunday morning. He gives his own testimony and then a powerful challenge on the personal responsibility each one of us have to share our faith.

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