John Eldridge

The writer of “Wild at Heart” a great book….This is a quote from an interview he did talking about men.

“We have to start with the heart,” he began, “whether we’re after a mythic life, a poetic life, a spiritual life, or a transcendent life, the heart is the ‘wellspring of life within you.'” [From an ancient Hebrew proverb.]
Eldredge said most “modern enlightened men” live by the Greek model of the personality which divides the head (reason) and the heart (emotion).
“Your feelings from the heart are the most profound, the deepest, the truest you,” he said. “The heart is the source of your memories, passions and desires. It’s where you do your life. I believe there are universals written on the human heart. And, what’s so awesome about that is there are particulars as well. You may love to write and think, while another man loves to build and to construct things. Another person loves to sing. The uniqueness of the human heart helps us share the essential universals between us. That’s what makes getting to know a person so fascinating.”

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  1. Mark, I loved WAH, but more importantly I believe in the affairs of the heart. It often seems like a separate seat of reason, for there are times when understanding wells up from my heart, not my head. I have been through a wild adventure with God that has extended my reflections on Eldridge’s work into a deep personal and, I believe, biblical experience – to that end I have felt that Paul showed great insight in Romans 8, when he said we are all subject to vanity – for that is what sets us off on our quest to find the approval of our greater Father. Thanks for your site and for your obviously shared love for children.

    Peter Eleazar

  2. Its a little like my post on colours, often what wells up within our gut/heart is just as reasonable, and more trustworthy than what we reason with our minds.

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