Great news at the AFL Tribunal

Johnson and Dean Solomon both free to play,
Heath Black recieved a reprimand, and is free to play….

Huh?? what was that? What great news at the Tribunal did you think I meant?? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Great news at the AFL Tribunal”

  1. Sorry mate, footy politics aside, I think it’s a tragedy that Judd got time. Not because he didn’t do it (didn’t see the replay so can’t comment), but because one of the greats – great player and role model (one of the few in that great team) – of the game has gone down. I’d feel the same way if Pav or Bell copped it even though you have taught me to hate the dockers. (If they have then I’m displaying my ignorance).

  2. Schadenfreude – one of the ugliest concepts in the world can only be described by of the ugliest languages in the world.

  3. aaaaa come on, its only football

    He will get off… no doubt.

    and Geoff, I dont know if you understand what its like being a Docker supporter in a town full of Eagle ones…..

  4. Mark, you should feel honoured to be in such and enlightened city and humbled that you have not yet seen the light.

  5. i’ve gotta say, even as a rabid west coast hater, i’ve got a lot of respect for chris judd and would be very surprised if he was actually guilty. having not seen the footage i’ll have to reserve judgement though.

    on another subject, i’m planning on getting a dockers tatt and put “freo dockers” into the image search to get something for the polish tattoo guy to go from and lo & behold, what is the 10th image displayed?? none other than the front page of Markedly. you’re officially famous!!

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