Seperation of State and Church

Perth Catholic Archbishop Hickey has stated that Catholic polliticians who support expanding stemcell research should be refused Communion.

One talk back caller stated that “Church and State should be seperate”.

In my view that is ignorant. How can a politician of any religious persuasion seperate their own spiritual beliefs from their decisions in parliment? They can’t.

I don’t necesarily support Christian political parties, at times they have made me cringe, but I do support Christians in Parliment standing up for Christian values and morals.
One of the best I saw was the independant Senator, Brian Harradine. Now I may not agree with everything he stood for, but at least he stood for it! He was not overstated nor understated. He did not make me cringe, thats for sure.

If you don’t think there should be any church influence in the political process, then don’t vote for Christians. But like any other group in society, we have the responsibility to stand up for what we believe in.

Interview with Harradine

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