10 thoughts on “Enough Said”

  1. What is Biblical preaching anyway?
    I hear people talking about it like it’s some mystical, magical thing which makes all the difference.
    I hear people talk about it like we can understand the Bible exactly as it was meant to mean. Like we can step out of our culture and see it without our prejudices and preconceptions.

  2. We need to use programs and marketing to back up our good biblical preaching yes.

    but i feel some people take it to far and it becomes the focus! When Biblical preaching (which gareth i feel is using the word of God to teach) is compromised because they want to appeal to the world around them, then there’s a problem.

    it’s like everything -music isn’t a bad thing in church, but when churches make it their be-all-and-end-all or the only form of worship taught, then it’s a problem…

  3. I feel the cartoon is making the point that it does not matter what you say, if no one is listening. If a tree falls in the forrest….

    And Gareth, I could not agree more

  4. Hang on, we’re agreeing on something!!!
    I’m going to have to revoke my membership of the emerging church club!

  5. Well Gareth, I wont tell anyone that you are going to a relatively normal church if you dont 🙂

    Even Hamo is going to a traditional church…..

    the wheel is turning… 🙂

  6. Yeah, and you’re using the word missional, so maybe we’re all coming together. Next thing you know wwe’ll be singing kumbyah.

    Maybe I need to make a controversial blog post to stir everything up.

  7. Yeah, something like, “St Kilda can still make the top four, and Fraser Gherig is a great role model”

    And missional??? You lot pinched that off R. Warren when you left with all the youth pastors 🙂

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