Coffee……what milk do I use?

After the birthday present of my coffee machine I have been experimenting with coffee making methods.
One of the key decisions in making a latte is what sort of milk to use.
I have picked up from various cafe’s that they use a very low fat milk, sometimes using “Capo”.
I have used Capo and low fat milk because of this. People express that it is easily to fluff/aerate.

Then a mate and I went out to a coffee shop I have wanted to visit, the Beaufort St Merchant Coffee shop, opposite Soto’s. I used to love Soto’s, but lately I have been unimpressed with the coffee, I think they may have changed their barrista, too hot and ‘watery’ and on a side point, the music is too loud (!)

But at the Beaufort St Merchant Coffee shop we had a good chat to the young barrista there. I asked him what milk he used…..Harvey Fresh Full Cream Milk.

So I made up my morning latte using Brownes full fat version. I have to tell you….it is much better than low fat milk. You can make a nice think cream of milk, with a good full taste.


3 thoughts on “Coffee……what milk do I use?”

  1. Hey Mark,

    Happy birthday.

    STICK TO HARVEY FRESH MILK. It’s the only milk sold in WA that is also produced in WA. I have people in my church who have been put out of work because of the deregulation of the dairy industry. Harvey Fresh are doing the right thing by local milk producers down here.

    AND I hope you’re drinking Five Senses Coffee! It’s the only coffee with a conscience.

    So I reckon if you use Harvey Fresh Milk and Five Senses Coffee -your cuppa will taste even sweeter!!

    PS – I agree about the volume at Soto’s!!

  2. In fact the Barrista said he used Harvey fresh, and that is what we use at home, normally,
    and you dont have to convince me about 5 sense, apart from it being fair trade etc…. it is the best tasting coffee

  3. Actually, I’m not sure that’s strictly true. Harvey Fresh is WA’s only locally owned dairy, but Fonterra (Browne’s) and Pura both claim to use local dairies.

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