You’ll never never know….

What might happen in the remaining 11 games of the season….
Dissapointing game, and I cant quite work out why we lost, apart from the obvious fact that the Bullies kicked more goals than us.
We had it inside 50 more than them, and more scoring opportunities. One problem was the long bombs in the forward 50. I reckon we miss Farmer more than we realise.
Thank goodness he is back for our next game.
If we do make the eight, anything can happen.

4 thoughts on “You’ll never never know….”

  1. your team looked like they’d been shot out of a canon at the start of a game… was it 5 or 6 unanswered goals…

    i actually went to watch the Kangaroos/Adelaide game cause I thought the NT game was just going to be a blow out.

    I got it round the wrong way it seems.

    I missed the Essendon game due to having to play drums at church (silly twilight games) but it seems we were trounced in all parts of the game….

  2. looks like Taz might be in trouble for punching a guy at a nightclub. so farmer might return from club imposed suspension and taz head off for one himself…

  3. Taz does not have the same littany of off field misbehaviour that Farmer does, so hopefully the club wont sanction him…but at least we dont support a club which lets its players get away with what the Eagles do in their lust for success.

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