Deliver what is expected

Its only a small thing, but in the spirit of ‘Seth Godin” here goes.

This is a picture of some apricot jam my beautiful wife bought. I like apricot jam. Upon observing the funky bottle I thought, great, this will be easy to pour straight onto my toast. It looks that way….
No…..its incredibly hard to squeeze out, mmmmmmm

5 thoughts on “Deliver what is expected”

  1. Get your “ugly wife” to buy the next one?

    We will of course bump into each other at Hillsong; as you do; my beautiful wife will be amongst the thousands in the Pastors & Leaders Stream & I amongst the thousands in the Evangelism elective. You could try ~9-H-183 at the 4:30 rallies. If you are tall, look down.

    And on this rare occasion, yes, go the Dockers.

  2. squeezable jam? sounds like you’re after maple syrup Mark. I think you might be another victim of funky packaging, sometimes it pays to remember what a fish learns the hard way; bait has a hook in it. Bad luck, I feel for you.

  3. Karyn 🙂 am I another victim of bait/switch methodolgy?

    Geoff, would love to ‘catch up’ at Hillsong, will look for you amongst the 35,000 people there! I’m not tall, but am a little fat….but after a week at Hillsong walking between electives, I normally lose a kilo or two….

  4. I had a similar experience with a tomato sauce bottle. it was designed to be kept “upside down” so the sauce was always near the nozzle. But when you squeezed it the sauce would fly out at an alternative angle to the one you desired at a high velocity, spraying everything in it’s path.

    What’s with my wife commenting so much? I keep saying she’ll have to start a blog herself.

  5. I know the sauce bottle you are talking about!! We should start a campaign or something.

    I like it, (Karyn commenting) I often think that most male pastors would be about 80% less effective without their wives, I know I would be…. and thats the truth.

    (that stat is based on years of pain staking research and data gathering, …..and a hunch)

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