Didak the dork

Unless you have been living in a cave, or dont care about football (which amounts to the same thing), you would have heard about Allan Didak and the fact he was in the murderers car hours before the fatal shooting in the Melbourne CBD.

After Freo has shown the way with strict and swift discipline, and after the AFL has borne its teeth to West Toast about Cousins, threatening them with loss of premiership points for bringing the game into disrepute, lets see what Colliwobbles and Eddy Everywhere does about this situation…….

4 thoughts on “Didak the dork”

  1. Surely if you’re an AFL footballer, and have some common sense, you’d stay away from places where you could get in trouble.
    The media are all over stories like this at the moment so the sensible thing to do is to not go out late, don’t get drunk in public and behave yourself.
    I know it must suck being scrutinised so much, and sure they’re young and they are allowed to have fun, but now’s a good time for these guys to pull their head in for a while.

    Shouldn’t you also make mention of Des getting in a fight with a “long-time enemy”?

  2. Naaahhh…..
    Nothing compared with what Didak has done,
    hypocrisy of what Collingwood have done is staggering, they suspended two young players for visiting their mum while in SA, and they have let Didak off scott-free!!

  3. Mark, what Eddie McCollingwood has said was actually that they wanted to get all the details sorted before they decided on an appropriate course of action. Now it’s entirely possible that they might just let him get off (which would be stupid and hypocritical) but if they actually follow this thing through, it represents a sensible response instead of a knee-jerk reaction designed to dissuade journalists.

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