Life changing

Some more reflection on Hillsong 2007
This Hillsong conference was the most life changing for me, apart from the first one I went to about 7 years ago…..
Something deep and indescribable has been placed within me…a deep hope and faith.

On another point, and upon reflection, something else was interesting. As much as Hillsong and the like attract incredible criticism, much of it bitter angst, much of it unwarranted…..they rarely respond, at least in public.
There was no criticism of the critics, and something else…..there was no criticism of other churches and their styles.

Brian Houston asked TD Jakes if he was to ‘google’ himself, would he find criticism, and if so, how would he respond. His answer was interesting. He said that he does not have time for critics……..

Thats something I need to learn from…..

Brian Houston stressed the need for personal accountability, especially in the light of recent events, but also for the need to be focused on what God calls us to, and to devote our energy to that.

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