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Attention: The Board of the Fremantle Football Club

I write this as a long standing member of the FFC. Chris Connolly has had a tough year, we all have. This was meant to be our year, and it does not look like it will be.
But I want to make a plea for Chris to be given one more year on his contract.

Since his appointment as Senior Coach, Fremantle has gone from being a laughing stock to being taken seriously as an AFL force. As an outsider looking in, one of the key elements to that has been the stability at the club.

While we all realise the Perth Media is incredibly biased in some sections, and many of the commentators have an agenda, since the debacle of the handling of the Drum affair, the leadership emanating from the club has been unified and solid.

Now is not the time for hasty decisions.

We have had a bad year, but that does not mean we should sack the coach. If anything, I, along with many others, believe that this year could strengthen everyone’s resolve for the ultimate success.

If we bring another coach in, it will take a couple of years for the coach and playing group to gel, but our window of opportunity is now…..The players are of the right age and experience to have a tilt at the premiership.

The club has invested a lot of time and money into Chris Connolly, why throw that investment away?

Finally, do not allow media speculation to drive the decision. Who cares what a bunch of Ex eagles players think? Who cares what a grumpy old man thinks?

All that matters is what the club is trying to do.
Stick with Chris, he is our best chance.

Yours Sincerely

Pastor Mark Edwards

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