Automatic Tithing Machine

On 6pr Simon Beaumont interviewed this guy. Dr Marty Baker

His church has installed an ‘automatic tithing machine’ or electronic giving kiosk.

It has been placed in a natural spot, with the pastor declaring the church ‘did not want to be tacky’

This Pastor is looking at having these machines in over 40 churches over the US.

The machine takes all the popular cards….
The pastor said that the people in todays culture don’t carry cash, and it is a valid way to give.

5 thoughts on “Automatic Tithing Machine”

  1. I am sure there are many jokes we could make about it…
    what if the Salvos had one in their main building…or Tear fund set a stall with one at the next Amuc conference? I dont reckon anyone would bat an eyelid….the question I have is, what is the money being used for?
    If this is a safe way for people to give…then why not?

  2. well don’t most conventions have their support organisations which sometimes put cerdit card slips on all the seats – leave a cash donation here or fill out the form and we’ll take it off your card later.

    so why not have the electronic version of that?

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