It’s official, Eagles fans are feral

That bastion of reliable reporting (at least this week) the West Australian, has correctly reported the feralness of Weagles fans….you lot should be ashamed of yourself.

“Walsh conceded he was stunned at the level of vitriol displayed by West Coast fans. Walsh denied any knowledge of reports Jeff Farmer had an altercation with an Eagles member at half-time. However, there was a heavy police presence at the head of Fremantle’s race after the match. “I had to put police in place around the Fremantle dug-out just before half-time because there were people leaning over as players came off the ground,” Walsh said. “They’re normally pretty good the Eagles supporters, but they were very agitated and extremely aggressive. “A lot of people were spoken to about their language, it was pretty intense. “We’ll assess the build-up to next year’s derby, but there’s every chance there’ll be more police and security just to keep things settled.” Seven Eagles supporters were evicted on Sunday, all before half-time.

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