Mathematically Possible

A great start for Harvey, lets be frank. 3 wins out of 4. Thats no fluke. The game plan has been simplified…and Gilmore has been significant.

If Harvey has done nothing else, he has not dropped Gilmore. As much as I liked Connolly, he did drop players inexplicably at times. I enjoy watching Daniel play, he is a simple, positive footballer. And quite frankly with the forward line we have, its a better than 50% bet to kick it long. Farmer, Tarrant, Pavlich…now starting to click.

It may be too late…despite the newfound enthusiasm…but it does look good for next year. But you know what…if we do get in the eight…I reckon we will make another prelim at least.

But I can’t see us beating St Kilda this week at that excuse for a football ground, the Telstra Dome. But if nothing else, it will be good to see St Gaz tip us against his beloved Saints.
And on another point, hows the form of the Freo crowd in contrast to the Eagle Feral Fans (EFF for short). A standing ovation for a coaching legend, a respectful send off for Sheedy from the Freo faithful. This in constrast to the fact we now have 6 policeman at the opposition gate because the Subiaco Oval Ground Manager said the Eagles crowd were the most violent and abusive crowd he has ever seen. They get angry and frustrated when a team outplays them it seems…..

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