Church and Ecclesia "the called out ones"

Hamo has an interesting post on what it means to be a Christian.
Plenty of people say that you can be a Christian without going to Church…..And we all know what Keith Green said, going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger.

But in our individualistic society, have we allowed the culture of our day to influence our beliefs?
Is there something about being part of a Ecclesia that determines our spirituality? If we are not part of ‘a’ body of Christ, to what level are we part of ‘the’ body of Christ?

Does Christ call us to be part of His Body? I would answer yes. To be responsible to it, to care for it, to help it grow, to be a part of His body here on earth? I am sure the answers are again yes.

So where does that leave those who are not part of an Ecclesia….part of a called out people?
Don’t hear me saying you need to go to church on Sunday AM….it is far more time consuming and costly than that.
Isn’t Christ calling us to be in a covenantal relationship with other Christians? Thats far more than attending Church on Sunday.

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  1. Haven’t been to Hamo’s yet but I think this has to do with ‘what is an Ecclesia?’ I think you can be a part of an Ecclesia without it being what it has been formed into today. I agree with you that we cannot be called a Christian, follower of Jesus, without being in relationship, close relationship with other followers. The fact is though, that going to a meeting of followers on Sunday mornings doesn’t mean you are in close relationship. Much of it is just going through the motions. I would rather be in close relationship with fellow believers, wherever and whenever, than attend a meeting where all that is promoted is to listen to the preacher, sip a cup of grape juice, palm the kids off to be babysat, sing a few songs have a light chit chat over ordinary coffee and go home. Man, I have better things to do than that! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments Glen…
    “Don’t hear me saying you need to go to church on Sunday AM….it is far more time consuming and costly than that.”

  3. “Much of it is just going through the motions”
    That may say more about you… than what is going on for those getting together on a Sun Am for passionate worship, challenging messages, discipleship and fellowship, remembrance of Christ crucified.

  4. Well yep, could be, after doing it for 36 and a bit years it kinda gets tedious unless something really fruitful is going on. (Church apart from my faith that is). ‘Going through the motions’ though was in reference to going ‘to’ church rather than ‘being’ the church and mainly the fact that many would go to a Sunday am, not to grow closer in or enjoy close relationship but because that’s the time, place and program. Quite often it is not an extension of people’s worship but it is the only worship they experience all week. Because of that, the routine and religiousity of Sun am becomes far more important than relationships or even the ideal of your last paragraph. I’m writing very loosely and generally. I know in some cases that the ideal is reality and that’s awesome! Unfortunately I think the ideal is too rare and the image of Jesus is portrayed as religious frivolity, not as a body of people who reflect a God who really cares for the lost, who loves being in intimate relationship, who has paid the price for sin and accepts all people, who is more about the person than the program, who is alive to the Spirit and His leading, who is more concerned about the fruit of the Spirit than the growth of the numbers, who really loves God with all their heart and loves their neigbour as they love themselves, grows disciples not as part of a program but because that is what we are called to do as individuals. . . . . . . I guess in short, real relationship and love for people is often put aside to follow a religion and religion is often a scapegoat (funny word when you write it) for pursuing real relationship. It’s getting late, the kids are asleep and footy show is coming on . . .

  5. Cant miss the 15 seconds they devote to interstate sides!

    I hope your experience of ‘church’ gets better…and you find some hope in the midst of all the crap.

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