St Kilda no saints

Two thugs won the game for St Kilda on Saturday.
Third quarter we kicked the first goal…and looked like making a comeback…until the perenial gutless wonder Baker decided to ‘king hit’ Farmer FROM BEHIND.

Gutless cheat Baker…..deserves 6 weeks for that. Probably will get off because Farmer does not get frees.
Interesting that Voss saw it…Now I find out Voss is still on Brisbanes list, and has to front up as a witness if called.

Gherig played his best game for the year and was unstoppable, well done for a no-kneck thug. Interesting though that he did not kick a goal in the 4th quarter when Mc Pharlin went on him. Harvey should have made that move sooner.
As much as it hurts me to say it, I hope West Coast thrash St Kilda next week…and Richmond thrash them the week after.

3 thoughts on “St Kilda no saints”

  1. i understood that gehrig kicked 4 on grover and 4 on mcpharlin. nonetheless, he was certainly the difference.

    i’ve gotta disagree with you on one key thing though.. i hope they flog west coast. i reckon west coast could take on the al quaeda 22 and i’d still barrack against them!!

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