Best Coffee in Perth

Both Phil Baker and Andrew Hamilton are discussing where to find the best coffee in Perth, with varied results. It appears though that Leederville is the hub for Perth’s best coffee. Not suprising when you consider the ethnic origins of many of the good folk in that area. Perth has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the Greek and Italian communities. When I visited the US it struck me how awful their coffee is. And yet they claim to love the stuff. Everywhere I went it was too hot, burnt and bitter.

One of my favourite places for coffee is a little lunch bar called the “Sunshine Cafe” on Beaufort St in Mnt Lawley. Most Tuesday mornings you will find me there discussing Church stuff with my associate. You wouldn’t necesarily think it, but they brew a good latte.

I am getting suprisingly beautiful coffee with my little espresso machine that my wife bought me for Christmas. Even my sister, a real ‘short black’ lady, thought the coffee was excellent.
What is more, it does not cost me $4 for a long strong latte!

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