Sunday arvo ramble

Cant wait for my broadband connection to arrive at home, might have it tommorow. Optus new plan $69 per month including all local calls and line rental…cheap. Free modem, which I will have to get a wi-fi router for.

Great send off for two club legends yesterday, and it keeps our mathematical chances of making the 8 alive….GO Tigers!
I think we have to beat Port by 8 goals or something, and other results have to go our way. Very unlikely, especially after seeing them beat Geelong today. That was a very exciting game, especially if you are a Port supporter. Port may even give the flag a shake….anyone but West Toast I say. But I will be barracking for Geelong, being another port city club and not having won for so long, and being my second side.

Good morning at church today. We learnt ‘Hosanna’ from Hillsong’s new album, its very good and definetly singable. I spoke on Noah, and how it is never too late to be what God wants you to become (Noah was 500+) and also on hearing from God’s revelation, and acting on it. I also emphasised the need to not live as though Christ needs to rescue us from this world, but try and change it and make it better.

2 thoughts on “Sunday arvo ramble”

  1. as soon as i heard ling was out i knew we were in trouble. You need a tagger against Port with the cornes and burgoyne boys. I dont know what Bomber was thinking including a 200 cm forward as a replacement for Ling. Guess who it was that spilled the ball that resulted in that last second goal?

    Oh well, next week we should get Ling, Bartel, Selwood and Rooke back. not bad inclusions leading up to the finals.

    good luck against port, we played crap all day and only just lost, so you are in with a chance if you play well.

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