New Premier huge Dockers man

Whatever other criticism you might want to level at our new Premier, at least he has chosen the right team to support.

Alan is a true supporter. No chardonny sipping corporate box for him. Gallop take notice. Every derby, there was the blue and gold supporting Geoff, in his corporate box, with his limousine parked out front, blocking the path of the plebs.

Alan on the other hand sits in the normal wooden seats, a few rows down from me. He is a true working class Freo Supporter.

And now he is our state premier. Things are looking better for our state already.

2006 is the year that Purple comes into its own.

3 thoughts on “New Premier huge Dockers man”

  1. It’d be interesting to see if he’s still sitting amongst the masses when the new season begins.

    I would suggest that he’ll be up in the VIP box vacated by his former leader.

    As always, I wish the Dockers all the best this year and hope to see them win every game except the derbies. It’ll be great to see both WA sides succeed this year.

  2. Thanks for your comments Rod, always appreciated. but…

    It wont be great to see both WA teams do well,

    It would be great if the Dockers won the silver cup, and fantastic if the West Toast won the wooden spoon,

    but right there is the difference between West Toast supporters and Dockers ones,

    we are well balanced supporters, we have a great big chip on both shoulders!!!

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