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Hi all….
This is my blog…
this blog is not a forum for those who want to incessantly slag off other churches….

Christ loves His Bride….thats it…its not perfect…..none of us are….
but bitter people with agendas, who cannot seem to direct their energy towards something positive, can find plenty of places to chat with like minded individuals, there are plenty of places for that…this blog is not one of them.

This blog is a bit of fun, sometimes serious, a place I slag off the Eagles, look at the Dockers through purple coloured glasses, a bit of a release for me…..and I like interaction with people, even Eagles supporters, and the occaisional serious poster, so I don’t want to stop comments all together….so please, if you feel a need to slag off other churches incessantly, please comment elsewhere.

Either way, its my blog, with my policy……..if you dont like it, fair enough….but I would encourage you to get your own blog…they are free…..
I remind all people of Matthew 18.

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