Philip Yancey

Sold out! Spewing…just goes to show, you should not presume…

Rocked on down to Koorong at 5.15pm to pick up a ticket on the way to see Philip Yancey tonight…..sold out! Cannot believe it……

If anyone went, please post a review with link, or just comment here…I would love to hear the gist of what he said….

Phil is certainly the foremost theologian of our time…he writes in a contemporary manner, plenty of stories…his books on dealing with the unfairness of life are particularly good, “Disapointment with God” were even more impacting and helpful for me than his foremost work, “Whats so amazing about grace”. Disapointment with God deals with serious questions about things which trouble many of us, and does not seek to give cliche answers.
Interestingy enought, Philip was brought up in a strict fundamentalist family. His dad died when Philip was only very young. The church leaders urged his sick father to stop the medical treatment he was undergoing (iron lung), and trust his faith instead. His father died.

He has a new book out, which I imagine was part of the reason for Koorong bringing him out, called, “Prayer, does it make a difference?” You can download the first chapter here.

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  1. A great night Mark – you should’ve been there. Yancey spoke about the topic of his latest book – Prayer. What a gifted communicator. No screaming, shouting or sweating, just powerful application of the bible for today. Gripping. Buy the book. It’s clearly a good one – I mean, the guy writes a book on prayer and it sells thousands; this even though there must be hundreds of books on prayer already out there. What’s with that?

    I’m reading his “The Jesus I Never Knew” and really enjoying it.

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