Freo win big

The Dockers have been voted the best and most incessant sledgers in the AFL……

“According to the AFLPA-Herald Sun survey, the Power and Dockers clearly led the sledging this season. “It must be our wharfing heritage,” Dockers chief executive Cameron Schwab joked yesterday. A whopping 17.3 per cent of players agreed the Dockers were the worst yappers, with Port (16.9) just behind. “

6 thoughts on “Freo win big”

  1. i bet the carr brothers are responsible for the bulk of the yapping too!!

    of course the weagles would do some yapping but they’re all just too chilled out man.. (cue a bit of reggae music)

  2. i wonder if Warney is a consultant on the topic? he could give the boys some pointers to make their efforts more effective…

    Thought maybe Selwood would get the ealges a few votes in the sledging department…I guess Des would have voted for him….

  3. good point roo.. we may have a high volume of sledging but selwood’s single sledge to des would surely make the weagles the ‘worst’ sledgers in the afl

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