I love the place.
Sun, fishing, sitting on the porch watching the sun go down.

Getting up, throwing on the boardshorts. Plunging into the Indian Ocean.

There is nowhere like Western Australia, and for me, nowhere like Cervantes.

I will never change my mobile phone provider. Optus dont have coverage up there.
I will never change from Optus.

Time with my wife and my kids, talking, laughing, buying lollies and fresh bread from the ‘supermarket’.

Reading the west over a plate of my wife’s pancakes with maple syrup and cream, breakfast at 10am after a swim.

But most of all, my kids laughter and joy as we build the biggest most complex sand castle you have ever seen. Inbuilt bath, seat, tunnel, bridge, moat, outside wall to protect it from the incoming waves. If my son does not turn out to be an engineer or designer, or builder of somesort, I will be suprised. His ideas, for a 5 year old, well I know I am biased, but the kid is smart!

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