Sumich misses out


Let me first states I think Sumich would probably make a half decent coach…in fact he was one guy who should be used to unwarranted abuse…he copped enough of it when he was full forward of the wee girls….(by Weagles fans I should add)

But the frenzy created by 6peagle and channel eagle (7) in support of him becoming the next coach of Freo bordered on hysteria, especially when he was not even considered for the role.
Is it suprising then that none of the 3 eastern states clubs he applied for did not appoint him?
I hope he gets the chance to coach at the highest level, he probably deserves it. But there is such a thing as preservation of club culture…we dont want Suma at Freo…pretty simple really.

History on markedly

2 thoughts on “Sumich misses out”

  1. Club culture? What club culture? Inflatable anchors, a history of under achievement, sacking coaches, wasting draft choices, wrecking careers and lost opportunities. With nothing to show for it. Hands down the worst club since its inception.

    And why the bitterness towards an ex-Freo boy? Who cares what the media says – at least he’s West Australian. If he is so unpalatable, why did Freo chase him so earnestly when he went to West Coast.

    Take a chill pill.

  2. mmmm….can you read anonymous?

    Many people believe Sumich read the riot act to the club mid season saying….if you dont deal with the culture around this place….I am out of here…..and so it has proven.

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