Big bad Leigh Brown….leaving Roos

Rumour has it the Roos are going to delist Big bad Leigh Brown….would be nice to see him back in the imperial purple…but cant see it happening…

2 thoughts on “Big bad Leigh Brown….leaving Roos”

  1. i actually made a statement on a dockerland post earlier in the week that i thought leigh would struggle to avoid the axe this year. i love the big lug but he’s not a particularly great footballer

  2. so you are David…I wonder if you can guess my moniker??

    You are probably right with your assesment, but I loved Leigh B and the way he played…who could ever forget the spray he gave Hird that day..and the greatest goal ever dissallowed against Melbourne.

    Something sentimental in me wants to see him have a second crack at the Purple.

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