Mainwaring why?

Two things moved me deeply today…seeing Suzanna Carr almost lose it when reporting the story….she was so close to just breaking up it wasn’t funny……then seeing Adrian Barich crying out…and asking the question ‘why’……

When faced with the mortality of a friend, a strong man, a celebrity, a larger than life figure…this is the question people ask, they are in shock…how could it happen to someone like Mainy? Seeing Barich ask this question almost brought me to tears.

I had 500 unique hits on this blog today, and I normally average about 65-70

There is an incredible amount of interest in the man….and where did people turn to for up to date news? The internet.

While 6pr was dragging its feet, for legal and integrity issues, the internet was already collating the information people were seeking from all different sources.

No doubt the next turn the story will take is the question of why and how, and how Ben Cousins was involved, he must be feeling very low…..and I am certain the net will again lead the way.

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